Marlon Kobacker

Marlon Kobacker3Due to his creative and exacting approach to problem solving, Marlon Kobacker has maintained a prominent position among the sustainable design and clean energy field’s most respected and effective figures. An expert in green building, clean energy finance, sustainable development and life-cycle assessment, Kobacker has contributed to the rapid advance of the industry through diverse methods that include professional roles as an advisor, author, instructor and speaker, among many others. Now with Sustainable Future Group as a director, Kobacker brings over 13 years of professional expertise to the firm as it seeks to utilize advisory, technological and financial strategies with the goal of “innovating the smartest way forward.”

Sustainable Future Group is not the only firm benefiting from Kobacker’s exceptional insight and expertise, as the sustainable design expert has also undertaken a host of professional responsibilities with EarthRights International and Clean Energy Corporation Australia (CECA). With the former, Kobacker’s involvement is that of an advisor responsible for an ongoing internal project. As for the latter, Kobacker serves as a principal for the company’s sustainability advisory team and is responsible for developing ecologically sustainable design strategies that meet or exceed the various green building ratings.

As an advocate for the implementation of sustainable design principles as well as for the shift to clean and renewable energy resources, Kobacker has adopted a tireless approach that includes frequent speaking engagements and regularly published articles and books. As a result of this unrelenting approach to clean energy and sustainable design advocacy, Kobacker has been featured as a speaker at a number of international conferences in which he has discussed strategies for implementing cost-effective sustainable design. Kobacker’s efforts as an advocate have resulted in his articles and analyses being featured in a wide range of scholarly journals and professional publications. Kobacker has also written extensively on capital cost barriers and the various methods available for removal, and his expertise on this particular subject led to the publication of his most recent book, “Removing the Capital Cost Barrier to Sustainable Design.”

Prior to joining Sustainable Future Group in his current role, Kobacker served as a sustainability advisor and consultant with a number of firms and was often called upon to oversee international projects of considerable scale. The firms benefiting from Kobacker’s involvement include Cundall, Arup, Edge Environment, AECOM, and Transurban, though there are a number of other global firms that have also reaped a tremendous reward from Kobacker’s professional involvement.

Kobacker, a graduate of the University of New South Wales, holds a master’s degree in sustainable design and bachelor’s degrees in engineering, photovoltaics, solar energy and computing. The clean energy advocate also spent several years as an instructor at his alma mater’s School of Renewable Energy Engineering, where he created a new course — Solar Architectural Technologies — to be added to the curriculum.

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